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Jamison Celebrates 35 Years with TSP

January 5, 2016

TSP team members in the Sioux Falls office gathered January 5 to congratulate Mike Jamison on his 35 years with our firm. Now a Principal and Business Development Leader, Mike started with TSP in the architectural department. He’d worked the summer of 1980 as an intern, logging most of that first month in the archive […]

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Firm Celebrates New Employee-Leaders

January 4, 2016

TSP is returning to its roots. Jared Nesje, 44, took over the top position at TSP late last year, coinciding with the design and engineering firm’s 85th anniversary. Nesje, a Principal and Senior Architect with the group, previously guided TSP design teams as a project manager and discipline lead. Nesje is only the fifth CEO to […]

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Boerboom Takes Two 1st Place Awards in Statewide Artshow

November 15, 2015

Maybe it was beginner’s luck. Or an overnight sensation, decades in the making. However Paul Boerboom thinks about it, he certainly didn’t expect to earn two top awards in his first MasterWorks competition. The 19th annual juried art exhibition, coordinated by the South Dakota Health Care Association, showcases the talents of state residents ages 60 […]

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Mentoring Talent at South Dakota State University

October 15, 2015

Imagine walking through your downtown, 20 or 30 years from now, and finding a Grand Prix-style raceway, a space port, or even a “quantum levitation reclamation system” built in for the site’s evolution throughout the next several decades. Those are just some of the urban community ideas from student architects in South Dakota State University’s […]

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