First Dakota National Bank – Vermillion Branch

This bank at the edge of town could have blended into the selection of strip malls along the route to the main business district. Leaders at First Dakota National Bank had other ideas. They envisioned a welcoming space for community members and customers alike. TSP collaborated with them to involve additional partners in their new building, which also is home to a coffee shop and a UPS Store.

The site of First Dakota National Bank’s newest branch makes it a gateway to Vermillion on a main street into town. Bank officials thought it only fitting their building live up to its potential as a local host. The building’s design is open inside and out, with ample windows that flood the rooms with daylight, helping conserve energy while they connect interior spaces to the outdoors.

Visitors immediately notice this isn’t a typical bank facility. In addition to its innovative exterior, the bank prominently features a coffee shop. The tenant is one of several that TSP helped owners explore as a nontraditional source of revenue for the new building. A UPS Store since has moved into another tenant space, while a third is open for a future partner.

For this relationship-centered design, the bank moved away from the traditional teller line to instead incorporate teller “pods.” This eliminates the barrier between customers and staff members. Bank leaders extend that spirit of openness by making the new building’s meeting space available after-hours for community groups in need of a gathering place.

Vermillion, SD

16,982 sf new construction with spaces for bank owner and two leasing tenants

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