Trygve Fredrickson


Principal | Chief Financial Officer

Sioux Falls, SD

Organization Development & Finance

P: 605-336-1160

My first job was:My first job was working for a residential contractor. One memorable client–was a farmer who had fired the first contractor that built them a house. The first task set for us was to tear down what the first contractor had built, pile it up, and burn it. It was hard to torch a large pile of new lumber, but we did it.

Design is: I believe ‘design’ is a process of vision discovery and realization, which—when done right, results in a solution that the client says, ‘I cannot believe we did not think of that before… it’s so… us!’.

I am most passionate about: Finding the paths that lead to those amazing results that are truly win, win, win—everyone is better for the experience, and could not have gotten there without everyone working together.