Month: November 2019

TSP awards prize money to Andes Central School

November 14, 2019

Prize money from a contest that sought outstanding building projects using propane for fuel was awarded to the Andes Central School District of Lake Andes, SD, on Monday night, Nov. 11. Jared Nesje, chief executive officer of TSP, Inc., presented a check for $10,000 to Andes Central School Board President Debbie Houseman and the other school board members at the start of the monthly school board meeting.

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New baby, new focus, new job: Chris Kenow joins TSP

Chris Kenow is ready for his new normal to begin. And he’s making a new job at TSP part of a whirlwind stretch that includes several major life changes. He became a dad in late September, but he and his wife—high school sweethearts from Eagan, MN—also said an unexpected goodbye to her father, who died […]

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Inexpensive changes make big impact

November 8, 2019

Looking to make a visual impact in your facility but limited in the dollars you can spend? Don’t worry — TSP, Inc. offers architects and interior designers who can make that happen. The result: a goal accomplished without breaking the budget. It begins with asking the right questions, determining what a client wants, whether it’s […]

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South Dakota Veterans Home brings art to its residents

November 6, 2019

Hector Curriel didn’t really know if he’d connected at all with the residents of the Michael J. Fitzmaurice South Dakota Veterans Home that he was sketching until he showed him the sheet of drawing paper. When the elderly man saw the caricature of himself, completed with checked shirt and ball cap, a change came over his face. “He barely was speaking,” recalled Curriel. “As soon as I finished and showed his caricature, though, I could see it in his eyes. That moment was very special. That made my day.”

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