Month: April 2020

Here to help: Supporting clients & communities during COVID-19

April 28, 2020

The right projects at the right time The coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses of all sizes to evolve on the fly. Meeting challenges in the COVID-19 era demands we find new ways to minimize disruptions and find our new normal. For TSP, Inc., that means building on what we do best: serving clients to make […]

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Here to help: Education projects

April 21, 2020

K-12 school districts and higher-education institutions typically plan major construction phases for summer break. The pandemic has shifted nearly all education nationwide to distance learning, creating a longer construction window. TSP’s Rochester office does a great deal of pre-kindergarten through high school work in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Large-scale builds at Brooklyn Center Community Schools‘ elementary […]

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Here to help: Local civic amenities

The public-safety sector is a major player in local communities’ COVID-19 response. With a virtual groundbreaking on Fire Rescue Station 12 in Sioux Falls, SD, and continued work with EMS facilities, law enforcement agencies, and their dispatch hubs, TSP is serving clients who save lives and protect property. Construction also is moving along on the […]

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Here to help: Critical health needs

Health, wellness, and senior living projects make up a core focus of TSP’s community-based work. Those hospitals, neighborhood centers, and residential facilities will be hardest hit as the pandemic surges. TSP’s full-service, integrated approach enables our in-house engineers to advise fast, safe changes to meet critical health needs. Decision-makers at Sanford Health in Sioux Falls, […]

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Church study progresses despite need to stay apart

April 14, 2020

One by one, focus-group participants went around the table, sharing the changes they would like to see in how Peace Lutheran Church allocates its space for various programs and activities.

First, they shared their wish lists for adult and senior ministry programs—everything from making quilts and prayer shawls to gatherings that celebrate personal milestones. Monthly potlucks are so popular they overflow from their designated room into the narthex.

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