Bret Holt

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Architectural graduate

Sioux Falls, SD

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Bret Holt wants the work he does to last. He wants it to be used and used often. “A successful project not only meets the client’s need today but those in the future and the future building’s demands.” The architectural graduate also likes designing and building his own project at home. The conceptual phase to him is an enjoyable as the fabrication. It makes the project come alive and the mistakes real, Bret says. It’s a learning process that can’t be replicated anyway but in practice. If ever he finds himself on a desert island, Bret hopes he packed “Ready Player One,” “The Survival Manual,” and “The Travels of Marco Polo. In his free time, he acts as a mentor to youth sports and work with his local VFW/DAV/American Legion chapters. Bret describes himself as a hopeless romantic in the sense he wants to believe all people are good and have good intentions. “While it may not be the world we live in, I don’t believe we should stop trying to get there,” he says.


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