Chris Heiser

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Structural Engineering

Associate | Senior Structural Engineer

Rapid City, SD

P: 605-718-8526

Structural Engineer Chris Heiser will always do what he says he’s going to do. That’s his promise to clients and coworkers. If there are seemingly insurmountable obstacles to getting the task done, always communicate those challenges with the person you made that promise to, he says. The process of design is a collaborative effort that includes the client’s input, Chris says. Proper communication starts by listening, then followed up by showing our clients how their desires have been incorporated into the final drawings. During construction, TSP remains vigilant in making sure the contractor interprets the client’s desires, again requiring essential communication. Chris has shelved community activities temporarily while his children are involved in sports, which he coaches. His favorite song is “I Believe in You” by Don Williams, because it makes a statement about a life philosophy.