Cindy Haught

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Administrative Services

Administrative Services

Rapid City, SD

P: 605-343-6102

Cindy Haught may well be the first person you encounter at the Rapid City office either at the front desk or on the phone. In her role with Administrative Services, she wants to make sure that your experience with TSP is pleasant. Speaking of pleasant experiences, thinking outside of the box to make schedules easier for families led Cindy and her colleagues to develop a summer religious education program using puppetry and innovative scheduling. The scheduling allowed an entire year of catechesis to be covered in two weeks. The idea caught the Denver Mile High Catholic Conference organizers’ eye, so they were invited to present at a session. Simon and Garfunkel are one of Cindy’s favorite groups, and the song “The Sound of Silence” is a particular favorite for its timeless meaning. THE most important part of life is family, Cindy says. Keep them close always. Appreciate what you have before it turns into something you had.


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