Ed Lund

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Project Management

Project Manager

Sioux Falls, SD

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When Ed Lund approaches a project either as its manager or ensuring its quality/assurance and quality control, he does it with the confidence more than four decades in the building industry can bring. He describes himself as an experienced veteran well versed in all phases of design, construction, operation, and life-cycle operation of buildings and sites. With age also comes an acknowledgement of how the need for senior care and facilities is in an increasing priority for quality of life for his peers. That, in part, is why he takes pride in past work on the Good Samaritan Society national campus and senior, assisted living, and memory care facilities. Human nature constantly amazes Ed, along with the contrast of what is and what could be with humanity. He thinks he’s mellowed over the years, but one thing has remained a constant: His love for the Jimi Hendrix performance of the national anthem.


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