Jennifer Hyk


Marketing Coordinator

Sioux Falls, SD

Proposal writing and layout,

P: 605-575-1187

The best part about my job/TSP is:

The culture of this company is truly extraordinary. I’ve worked for international, regional, and micro-local organizations, and TSP has made me feel more valued as a person and for my professional skills than all the rest combined.

Who has been the greatest influence on your career?

My parents figured the curious kid who never tired of asking “why?” would do well in a career that demanded a need to know and tell. My husband has coped with newspapering’s unpredictable hours, my save-the-world (or at least fund-the-programs) nonprofit jobs, and too many days when I pushed back the timetable at home to meet deadlines at the office. He’s always on my side, and he encourages me to keep looking for “that thing” worth spending so much of my—our—time doing.

My first job was:

During summers on my family’s farm in northeastern South Dakota, I worked as a field monkey. This was Dad’s affectionate term for someone who did the jobs that didn’t require a lot of supervision or finesse—disking, moving bales, functioning as a human fence post while moving cattle. Early one morning, when I grumbled that I didn’t want to get up and climb into the cab, he smiled and said, “It’s OK.” I thought I’d earned a day off, until he explained: “It’s not important that you want to do it. It’s just important that you do it anyway.” It was a valuable lesson about keeping things in perspective.