Jennifer Hyk

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Marketing Coordinator

Sioux Falls, SD

P: 605-575-1187

Jennifer Hyk views her co-workers and her contemporaries at other firms as her “clients.” As a marketing coordinator, she strives to understand not only their words but their perspectives. “There’s so much context and complexity to the type of work the planners, architects, engineers, and interior designers do here,” she says. “Often, my TSP team members are my clients because we’re creating a business proposal together. Sometimes my client is my counterpart at a consultant firm whose leaders have asked us to join them on a design effort. Even in the most technical things we do here, we’re really working with people.” Those close to Jen know her for her projects, whether it is reorganizing kitchen cupboards, taking on a side writing assignment or, according to her older son, his brother and him. At her wedding, Jen and her husband chose “Last Song” for their first dance. Hearing it now reminds her of that room filled with people who wanted only the best things for them in life and actively helped support them in different ways.


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