Kasey Belzer

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Architectural Graduate

Rapid City, SD

P: 605-791-6910

Kasey Belzer’s goal is to “design on purpose.” The architectural graduate has learned to find opportunities where most people don’t look. “Where a weakness appears, it also could identify an opportunity for a new, better solution to surface,” Kasey says. His philosophy: “Ask and it is given, seek and you shall find.” He enjoys flag football or rock climbing with friends, and he cares about the health and well being of his peers, family, and community. Helping design the South Dakota School for the Blind & Visually Impaired in Aberdeen made an impact. “Being able to produce contents for visually impaired clients is a challenge but should also be a part of design features for all people, disabled or not,” Kasey says. “It’s meaningful to me because it changes our perception on how we view and experience the world around us compared to someone who has a completely different experience.”


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