Lucas Lorenzen

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Structural Engineering

Structural Engineer

Sioux Falls, SD

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Working on challenging design solutions brings fulfillment to his life, structural engineer Lucas Lorenzen says. He views challenges between what the client wants for a space and the way he has designed a structure as a new opportunity for him to design something novel. “Being part of a design solution that is uniquely my contribution makes the client’s vision that much more exciting to help bring about,” Lucas says. The Beacom Institute of Technology at Dakota State University, a technology-driven project, needed to be cutting edge yet stand the test of time. At the open house, Lucas stood next to architect Chase Kramer and realized that their teamwork was critical to that vision becoming reality. As he grows older, he becomes more aware of life as an adventure. “It’s an amazing thing to realize I didn’t make myself come alive, so what a gift it is to be able to live,” Lucas says. Free-time activities revolve around his life in Harrisburg: St. John Paul II Catholic Church, the town’s economic development corporation, and its Chamber of Commerce.


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