Early Visual Communication Leads to Project Success

January 2, 2013


Artistic expression has many outlets and architecture is one of the most powerful forms.

TSP designers are visionary thinkers who take an intangible idea and investigate, massage, and mold it into a structured, multidimensional form. Creativity is the lifeline of this process and can be found in the way our designers think and feel, the way they seek and process information.

During the planning stages, designers listen to client needs and bring their ideas to life through graphic representation. This exercise invigorates the design process and stimulates the project team.

To facilitate communication, TSP designers often develop vision boards to graphically communicate the design progression of a project from start to finish. This snapshot of the project’s evolution is an inspiration for both the client and the design team and a useful tool for marketing the project and TSP’s capabilities.

“The creative design process begins at a very personal level but cannot reside there and be successful,” says Paul Boerboom, Architect and Principal.

“Visually communicating creative ideas with project stakeholders and the internal design team leads to a high degree of client satisfaction. TSP design professionals combine the best of traditional hand-sketching techniques with advanced repro-graphics, digital modeling, photography and computer-generated imagery to achieve high quality and authentic design visualization.”

A recently completed vision board for the proposed Events Center at Dakota State University (DSU) in Madison, South Dakota was created using these same interactive techniques and now serves as a tool for project fundraising. The vision board, created by TSP, is helping the university to share design concepts, projects goals and schedules with potential donors. Project imagery is generating excitement and helping to build momentum, bringing the future events center even closer to reality.

“Creativity is as strong a commodity to TSP as the ability to control project product, schedule and budget” says Daniel Zutter, Senior Project Architect.

Vision boards provide a format for reliving the design process and result in a story that can be used for fundraising, marketing and presentations. The DSU Events Center vision board captures the synergy between the TSP team and the client and successfully communicates project goals.