As a multidisciplinary firm, our architects, engineers, planners, and interior design staff work in a highly integrated environment that places you—the client—at the center of a multifaceted design approach. Our team will help you discover your visions and goals for each and every project. Our process is design-led and client-focused. Every project is the product of collaboration.

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TSP’s in-house team of engineers—mechanical, electrical, technology, and structural—work collaboratively to discover designs that provide cost-effective, high-value building solutions.

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Our team of planners, architects, interior designers, and engineers will draw out your vision and goals with questions and a passion to understand your needs. We call it “finding your design.”

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Our firm offers the expertise of talented professionals in the fields of architecture, engineering, planning, and interior design. Since its establishment in 1930 as a one-man firm, TSP has expanded its presence in the Upper Midwest. We offer the following core values to our clients:

TSP Core Values