About Us

Collaborative Atmosphere

In the best creative relationships, a collaborative atmosphere enables clients and TSP team members alike to realize their full potential. There’s no separating the two. Our architects, engineers, planners, and interior designers are exceptionally talented people. But client needs come before our own desire for self expression. We believe our clients hold the keys to discover their designs and that we have the knowledge and skill to unlock those ideas.

Working with You to Find the Single Best Solution

We’ve dedicated ourselves to pursuits that hold the greatest potential for communities: education, healthcare, and civic projects that uplift our quality of life. Focusing on the work we want to do gives us more time to understand each client’s vision, study emerging opportunities, and expertly weigh the inherent risks. We find the greatest success when we use our skills and passion to develop the single best solution that meets a client’s needs. Our full-service team ensures that spaces, systems, layouts, finishes, furniture, and technology function as a whole.

Why TSP?


TSP exists to perform fulfilling work. It’s fulfilling for us because it makes our clients better at what they do.

Exceptional Client Service

We seek out clients with complex projects that demand design expertise and reliability. These projects require comprehensive, integrated services and fully engaged stakeholders to inform the work. Our team prides itself on working with our clients to earn the role of trusted advisor.

Outstanding Design Solutions

The space we create together symbolizes and supports who our client wants to be. We design solutions where form, function, economy, and culture fit simply and beautifully to fulfill the client’s story. It all makes sense. There is no undue complexity; nothing is contrived or out of place.