It is the time of year to reflect on successes and set goals for the future.

But in some cases, it might already be time to recommit to the goals that were put in place for 2024.

Although there are countless strategies for setting and achieving goals, writing them down can be one of the biggest steps to success.

The ability to often refer to written statements helps clarify the thought process and serves as a regular reminder of the goal or goals being pursued.

When collaborating with others, written goal statements also increase accountability and communication, promoting a common objective and vision.

At architecture, engineering, and planning firm TSP, Inc., a 2024 goals board is on display in high-traffic areas in all offices.

All TSP team members are encouraged to write their personal and professional goals and share a specific word that describes their approach to 2024.

A few TSP employees took time to share their written goals or their descriptive “word” for 2024.

Kelli Osterloo is anticipating significant professional changes in 2024.

Osterloo, an electrical engineer who has been with TSP since 2015, recently accepted the role of director of practice.

Kelli Osterloo

In the new position, Osterloo oversees architecture and engineering at TSP, and six discipline leaders and a logistics manager now report directly to her.

She will actively engage in strategic collaboration and focus on refining the firm’s engineering and architectural processes.

“So it’s really a change in dynamic going from project work to more process work,” Osterloo said.

“We have great people at TSP, and that makes it easier.”

Professionally, Osterloo anticipates an intentional focus on gathering knowledge in 2024.

“My plan this year is really to listen, learn, and improve,” Osterloo said.

Now a member of TSP’s Operations Team, Osterloo is participating in meetings she did not previously attend, which has given her greater insight into how the firm’s teams are functioning.

“I am learning about the things that are working great and where our challenges are coming from,” she said.

Osterloo ultimately looks forward to bringing a fresh perspective to the firm’s process improvements.

“On a personal level, my goal is always to try and be more present,” Osterloo said. “It is important to me to turn off all of the clutter and be more present, especially at home.”

Design technician Chris Kenow looks forward to growing his mentoring skills by working across TSP’s offices to increase collaboration and education efforts in 2024.

Chris Kenow

“One of the perks of being at a multidisciplinary firm with a wide range of experience is the opportunity to learn from your older peers and to transfer those skills and knowledge to our younger designers,” he said.

While a knowledge of architecture and construction practices may come easily to those in the discipline, Kenow noted that numerous learned skills are not learned in the classroom.

“These skills are learned from being in the field and working with peers who have had firsthand experience on the subject,” he said. “So I am aiming for a year of growth and mentoring to better our team’s ability to tackle any project that may walk through the door.”

Outside the office, Kenow wants to specifically focus on being more present and focusing on mental health and strength this year.

As a parent of two young children, that means limiting screen time at home and prioritizing uninterrupted time with family.

Kenow likes the word “enhance” for 2024.

“All aspects of life, whether good or bad, can be enhanced for the betterment of yourself and those around you,” he said.

“I think looking inward and understanding the things you can improve that will help and support yourself and others is very important. It can be your home and family; it can be your office and coworkers; how do we enhance our community and make it better?”

Interior designer McKenna Shallberg has a goal to pass two of three National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) exams, something she has been avoiding for a while because tests are not her favorite.

McKenna Shallberg

“It’s going to take quite a bit of studying, but luckily I’ve been able to apply real-life examples that I have experienced at TSP,” she said.

“I also have a study partner. TSP interior designer Emma Velde and I will both tackle this challenge for the year.”

Shallberg chose “relax” as her word of choice for 2024.

“I think everyone needs to relax a little bit more and learn to enjoy life,” she said.

Shallberg has been putting her goals to paper since high school. As a swim team member, she was required to write goals every season.

“I continued to write down goals in and out of the pool once I continued my swimming career at South Dakota State University,” she said.

“It has always been important to me to visualize what I want to accomplish and then figure out how to complete my goals.”