Celebrating 85 Years


In June 1930, during the height of the country’s worst economic depression, Harold T. “Spitz” Spitznagel started his design firm with $20 capital and a $15-a-month office lease. He was coming home to Sioux Falls, SD, to build something enduring. The practice he founded would become one of the Midwest’s premier architecture, engineering, planning, and interior design companies.  The Spitznagel Partners—TSP, Inc.— now includes a family of more than 100, connected by purpose and technology across eight offices in five states.

Recognizing the need to integrate form and function, Spitznagel brought full-time engineers and interior designers into his practice in the early 1950s. Today, our full-service team develops Outstanding Design Solutions—where form, function, economy, and culture fit simply and beautifully to fulfill the client’s story. It all makes sense. There is no undue complexity; nothing is contrived or out of place.

TSP exists to perform fulfilling work. Making our clients better at what they do is the surest way we know for our own people find deep meaning in what we do. There’s no separating the two. That personal connection is the very foundation of our focus on Exceptional Client Service.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to pursuits that hold the greatest potential for communities: education, healthcare, and community projects that uplift our quality of life. We find the greatest success when we use our skills and passion to develop the single best solution that meets the client’s needs.

Now, 85 years later, TSP still holds to Spitz’s principle: “Design it like you own it.”

We invite you to take a tour of these pages and help celebrate this anniversary year with us. After all, you’re a part of our story, too.