Month: July 2018

Visual impact key to first impression, made possible economically

July 30, 2018

Looking to make a visual impact with your business or agency but limited in the dollars you have to spend? Don’t worry, there’s an architect for that. Or an interior designer.

They are the folks who will ask you the right questions, determining what you want to catch visitors’ attention as they drive up to the building or when they walk through the front doors.

“That first impression is the key,” said architect Greg Schoer, who joined TSP Inc. in 2010.

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Heather Mergen adds beauty to a building’s ‘bones’

July 13, 2018

When Heather Mergen was a girl growing up in Mitchell, SD, it always was a big deal when the J.C. Penney catalog showed up in the mail. The catalog pages—along with a pair of scissors—provided hours of entertainment as she designed hypothetical houses for imaginary clients.

The catalog would include page after page of bedding, and young Heather would pick out her favorite colors and print. When she first began, however, Heather didn’t realize her work could be a career.

“I didn’t realize at first it could actually turn into a profession,” Heather says.

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