One step now can prevent unexpected major issues

Michelle Klobassa recently climbed to a building’s roof to discover a problem that, if left unchecked, will cause serious issues not too many years ahead. Leaves, pebbles and dirt have blocked many of the roof drains. Unless the debris is cleared away, rainwater will pond on the roof and cause major damage and the need for a replacement ahead of schedule.

2020-09-02T16:38:09-05:00August 28, 2020|News|

It’s all in the details

Architects don’t just draw rectangles, add doors and windows, then walk away from a design. Interior designers don’t select throw pillows for a couch and call it good. Instead, before they declare a project complete, architects and interior designers participate in thousands of decisions that will make a building both functional and beautiful, create an office that reflects an executive’s personality, or turn a classroom into a warm and inviting place. And sometimes the search for the perfect detail means doing it yourself.

2020-07-16T11:18:34-05:00July 16, 2020|News|
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