Some of the projects in the pipeline at TSP weren’t even slated to be worked on right now.

But thanks to federal funds, including COVID relief and CARES, along with the low cost of financing, the Sioux Falls-based firm is seeing strong demand for its planning, engineering, and architecture services.

“Clients are pushing to move forward,” CEO Jared Nesje said. “The message is pretty clear to owners that now is the time to be doing facilities projects.”

We caught up with Jared for a closer look at what’s driving business activity heading into 2022.

Are there particular industries or sectors that seem to be in a growth mode right now or that you are anticipating?

The industries that have the big dollars from COVID relief are heavier right now. We’re seeing demand for infrastructure and utility work, roads, as well as ventilation and indoor air quality upgrades. Those are all priorities.

You work not only in Sioux Falls but also regionally. What are you experiencing in other markets? How does it compare with work in Sioux Falls?

We are seeing the same types of projects occurring across our regional footprint. The bulk of the projects are involving health care, wellness, and community-based improvements. I believe that schools are starting to look at moving their initiatives forward and beginning the planning process.

Businesses seem to be in the process of attempting to “right size” their locations in response to hybrid work and other factors. How are you helping guide them through that process, and what type of feedback are you hearing?

Our clients are in the midst of those decisions right now. My sense is that nothing has been settled on in terms of solutions yet, but the understanding is that flexibility in their physical spaces is needed now in the “post-COVID” window.

How are you able to advise clients as far as potential costs of construction given the current nature of the market? Are you seeing clients make design changes accordingly?

We work closely with the construction partners on projects and, of course, needs vary based on client, project, and industry. But the best advice across the board is to make decisions now and move on them. Because of material costs and supply chain issues, the project budgets are being challenged on a daily, if not hourly, basis.

Are clients exploring different delivery methods for projects, and how so? How are you weighing in as they consider their options?

With our clients and projects, most of them are experienced and comfortable with the construction manager delivery. The TEAM approach may not always be the “cheapest,” but there is buy-in and commitment from all three key parties: owner, designers, and contractors.

Are there some major projects you’re currently working on or going to be that you can preview for us?

In Sioux Falls, we are working on the Sanford northeast clinic at Madison Street and Veterans Parkway. We’re also working on the future parking garage for the Sioux Falls Regional Airport.

We’re hearing about staffing challenges across industries. What is the situation at TSP? Are you hiring?

Yes, we are in the same situation. We are wanting to hire great people that will make us better each day. Architects and engineers that have experience are hard to come by right now. We are looking to hire those just starting in our industry as well as those that are ready for a change and try out the best team in town: TEAM TSP. To learn more about opportunities, click here. 

What are your expectations heading into the new year? Do you have a sense of whether the current business climate is going to continue?

The momentum that we are experiencing in the fourth quarter of 2021 should continue into the third quarter of 2022 if not beyond. A lot is dependent on the interest rates, but projects are getting kicked off now, and more continue to come in each week.