Few professions allow a person to dream on behalf of a client and ultimately experience the dream firsthand by walking into a completed structure.

“There aren’t many places where you can do that, and that’s what makes architecture really unique,” says Sean Ervin, who is celebrating 35 years at TSP.

Sean helps clients reach their dreams by holding a variety of roles, including principal-in-charge, senior business developer, wellness center expert, and educational planner. He is widely known for dedication, loyalty, and a very positive attitude.

Sean started in 1987 at a firm in Marshalltown, IA that would later merge with TSP. He became a registered architect in 1996 and joined the TSP Board of Directors in 2005.

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Over a successful career that includes more than 400 client projects, Sean knows the value of a good sense of humor and flexibility amidst parameters such as tight schedules and budgetary constraints.

“I think when you become an experienced designer, parameters actually challenge better design than if you have total freedom to do whatever you would like,” he said.

Sean enjoys the opportunity to work with a wide-ranging client base, noting that each owner is just as important as the type of building when developing a customized approach to their design. Maintaining trust is vital when collaborating with clients.

“As long as a client understands that everything we’re doing is for their own best interest, and they understand that we have that dedication to them,” Sean said, “I think most people will realize, ‘these guys are great to work with and I have confidence in the results.’”