Von Petersen


Senior Architect

Rochester, MN

Educational Design, Integrated and High Performance Design, Design Technology

E: petersenvj@teamtsp.com
P: 507-288-8155

Design is: As Steve Jobs said – “Design is not how it looks or how it feels, Design is about how it WORKS” In order to create a design that works, you have to immerse yourself in the user’s world to understand the what, how and why they do what they do and involving them all along the way. Taking a Human centered approach to design is where true innovation lies and ensures the outcomes resonate with people now and in the future.

The best part about my job/TSP is: Being able to work with outstanding clients I have had the good fortune to have met and to come to work every day to a group of amazing colleagues that challenge and push me (and others) to continually get better at what we do.

I am most proud of: Hands down, being a father. My two boys are everything to me and I always want to make them proud. It is a big part of what drives me in everything I do.

Something about me not many people know: I was named after a baseball player. Many people think my name must have family connections, but really my Mom just liked the name of a Milwaukee Brewers Outfielder in the early 1980’s named Von Joshua.

I am most passionate about: Continual growth both personally and professionally. I never want to feel like I have ‘made it’ – Always being curious and wanting to learn new things makes life fun.