Tadd Holt

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Leadership, Structural Engineering

Principal | Structural Engineer | Office Leader

Watertown, SD

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Structural engineer Tadd Holt doesn’t fret if a project requires him to roll up his sleeves and work with clients to identify and solve complex issues. In fact, he thrives on it. With his background in the South Dakota Army National Guard 1-147th FA and a Watertown resident, Tadd took pride in designing the BG Ernie Edwards Readiness Center there. “Having the opportunity to be involved with the new facility from the first planning meeting through the completion of the facility was very rewarding,” he says. Tadd lives his life hoping to go to bed each night with no regrets. And he listens to “The Dance” by Garth Brooks to be reminded that even though sad times will occur, many wonderful experiences will take place during the journey.


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