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Making communities better, by design

June 27, 2018

Here’s a look at how TSP, Inc. is making a difference for families and neighborhoods in 2018 through its community-involvement initiatives. The list includes links to organization webpages in case you’d like to learn more about any of these great causes. Sioux Falls Special Olympics: Spring Games Track & Field Meet event-staffing support and sponsorship […]

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Building community, one relationship at a time

Above: Young athletes celebrate their wins during Special Olympics South Dakota’s 2018 Southeast Area Spring Games. TSP Principal Tim Jensen (far right) reprised his role as awards-stand announcer for the late April track-and-field competition.   Experts advise workers to start saving for retirement with their first full-time job. TSP Human Resources Manager Kari Kiesow took up […]

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Decreasing energy use while improving well-being

May 29, 2018

Business and organizational leaders rally around the idea of “going green”—especially because energy-efficient buildings create operational savings.  They consume less electrical power and fuel, and they need less water. It doesn’t hurt that these improvements often generate positive feelings among potential customers. To fully capture their return on investment in green initiatives, leaders must select […]

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Greening up: Get started today

How can you get the most efficiency out of your building while improving employee well-being? Here are a few ways to start. EASY Let the sun shine in. Install additional windows to let daylight filter through your building and cut back on lighting costs. New glazing treatments and insulated panes ensure a tight seal so […]

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One firm, many offices: How an all-company annual meeting builds culture by reinvesting in people

April 25, 2018

In business, relationships are everything. Clients expect—and deserve—a personal touch. So do today’s workers, who want to feel connected to the company mission and engaged with one another. Striking the right balance between individual differences and a unified brand identity is even more challenging when employees are in different offices scattered across multiple states. Such […]

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