TSP helps museum visitors learn about architecture

January 7, 2019


Building blocks of different shapes, sizes, and materials encourages youngsters visiting the Minnesota Children’s Museum in Rochester, MN, to do a little designing at the “Young Architects” exhibit, which opened Jan. 6. 

TSP and Kraus-Anderson, a frequent construction-services partner, cosponsors the exhibit. “Young Architects” will be open to visitors for six months and set a record as the longest-running exhibit the museum has ever hosted.

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Volunteers from Kraus-Anderson helped paint the exhibit room walls blue, and four members of #TeamTSP in Rochester helped take dozens of storage containers off carts and pallets to set up the interactive display pieces. The blocks that children can use to design their own buildings are made of materials such as wood, foam, plastic, and — of course — LEGOs. Lots and lots of LEGOs.

“It was a great team-building sort of thing,” Rochester Office Leader Von Petersen said of the volunteer effort. He was joined by Architectural Graduates Mike Young and Alex Schrader and Interior Designer Caroline Johnson. “We’ve been supporting the Children’s Museum for a while, and this exhibit aligned perfectly with who we are.”

The exhibit stresses three types of architecture, featuring Frank Lloyd Wright as an architect “for living,” I.M. Pei as an architect “for play,” and Frank Gehry as an architect “for work.”

The new year, 2019, marks TSP’s 50th year in Rochester, and sponsorship of  “Young Architects” also highlights our presence in the city and the area. As part of that sponsorship, TSP will have the opportunity to provide programming for visitors during the exhibit’s run.