Being new at a job can be a delicate balance of wanting to learn quickly while allowing yourself the benefit of patience and realistic expectations.

Morgan Phillips can relate.

“I feel like I am going to be a sponge, and I am going to absorb as much as I can because I am freshly out of school,” said Morgan, an interior designer in the Rapid City office.

Morgan graduated from Montana State University in May with a degree in interior design.

She is grateful to work in a supportive environment and realizes that even the most experienced team members were in her shoes once upon a time.

“School doesn’t teach you everything that you’re going to need,” Morgan said. “But when you’re working, you learn so much more by being out in the field with professionals.”

Morgan was introduced to the interior design profession at an early age; her aunt was an interior designer in the Black Hills.

“As a little girl, I got to see the creativity that interior design brought to others,” Morgan said.

“My aunt’s passion for design as well as how she would transform spaces inspired me to consider going into the interior design profession.”

A graduate of Sturgis Brown High School, Morgan is happy to be starting her career near friends and family and the opportunity to expand upon her creativity and knowledge of design.

She looks forward to collaborating with team members and clients to create and transform spaces.

“I think it’s fun, it’s kind of like a puzzle,” Morgan said. “You have to solve it and make the space the most functional for someone and then also you want to make it beautiful, of course.”

Since joining TSP, Morgan has worked on an optometric clinic renovation in Gillette, WY that includes finish upgrades throughout the facility and the renovation of the generals’ quarters at Camp Rapid.

In her free time, Morgan enjoys taking part in church activities. She also likes to spend time outdoors, which usually means hiking, biking, swimming, or playing volleyball.