Discovering Healthcare Design Solutions

TSP Healthcare is a focused on providing high value services to healthcare providers. We build on local service and regional expertise to bring our clients the most effective planning and design services available. Our integrated team of architects and engineers develop holistic facility designs that exceed owner expectations, maximize resources, and serve communities.

TSP’s process is integrated: collaborative, interactive, holistic, and engaging. You could label it any number of things, but to state it simply, our approach puts you at the heart of everything we do. Every decision made, every option considered, every solution dreamed—none of them matters if you aren’t the focus. Our approach centers on listening, sharing, and most of all, discovery.

The TSP team brings focused expertise in serving the needs of hospitals and health systems. We’ve delivered more than 100 projects over the past 10 years. This experience means we have real-world understanding of healthcare-planning challenges and solutions, and we’ll draw on that knowledge to position you for future growth and viability. The investments you make today must continue to support your organization and community for years to come. TSP’s tested strategies will help you achieve that mission.

TSP delivers knowledge to help you make decisions that will:

  • Support financial health.
  • Improve diagnostic and out-patient services.
  • Enhance facilities to support modern care.
  • Attract healthcare professionals.
  • Focus on quality improvement efforts.
  • Expand access to healthcare services for rural residents, and
  • Incorporate emerging opportunities from healthcare reform and technology innovations.

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