The public-safety sector is a major player in local communities’ COVID-19 response. With a virtual groundbreaking on Fire Rescue Station 12 in Sioux Falls, SD, and continued work with EMS facilities, law enforcement agencies, and their dispatch hubs, TSP is serving clients who save lives and protect property.

Construction also is moving along on the new city hall in Dundas, MN, and for phased renovations at the City & School Administration Center in Rapid City. As the pandemic stretches on, some local leaders are considering the possibility that their facilities and grounds might miss the spring or even summer seasons altogether. That’s spurred them to examine whether they can take on additional projects or expand the scope of new construction to get more for the taxpayer dollar during a favorable bidding climate.

“All of that is valid,” said Tim Jensen, managing principal of TSP’s Sioux Falls office. “Anywhere they can’t operate right now, they’re looking at work that needs to be done.”