Jason Nelson

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Information Technology, Leadership

Director of Delivery

Sioux Falls, SD

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Jason Nelson can’t help himself: He’s a fixer. He likes to fix things. In fact, he needs to fix things. On weekends he reads about architectural technology and Building Information Modeling. That’s lucky for us because Jason is our director of delivery. When he was about 12, his grandmother told him, “You can either look at life half full or half empty.” That’s harder to do the older he gets, Jason says, but when he needs to rebalance himself, he turns to those words. Jason describes the Mayo Civic Center expansion as a special project. Challenging in design and phasing, it involved so many TSP team members and other consultants that it took a high level of coordination. Don’t strand Jason on that desert island forever, please, but while he’s there, let him reread “The Grapes of Wrath” and “The Jungle,” two books he couldn’t put down. His favorite song: “Hey Good Looking” by Hank Williams. The song made his father smile, and he liked to sing it to Jason’s mother.


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