Austin DeJong

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Structural Engineering

Structural Engineer-In-Training

Sioux Falls, SD

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When life gives you a challenge, Austin DeJong says, see it as an opportunity to grow rather than a daunting task to accomplish. He has the opportunity often as a structural engineer-in-training at TSP, and he knows he can bring something special to it: his ability to communicate. “That will allow for streamlined discussions between the design team, project managers, and clients. Not only is a knowledge of structural engineering useful for completing projects but knowing how to function and communicate with other disciplines to provide legacy buildings to clients is the key to success. As someone starting out in his profession, it’s appropriate that Austin can listen to the Chicago song “Beginnings” on repeat. It was the band’s opening song when they performed at the State Theater in Minneapolis. Austin was there with his family, and the moment still gives him chills.


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