Paula Reiff

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Administrative Services

Executive Assistant

Sioux Falls, SD

P: 605-731-2216

A focus on her family—those at TSP and those in her private life—propels executive assistant Paula Reiff to success in life. Raising her daughter has brought her the most purpose and joy in life, and Paula has watched her grow into an Army National Guard member who served overseas, married a great guy, and excels in everything she does. A parent’s job can’t be wedged into a few hours, and Paula has always appreciated the flexibility and time her position at TSP gives her to put her child as a priority “regardless of how old and independent she gets.” Life is short, so do what makes you happy, Paula believes. To her that means marrying the man she loves, buying a motorcycle, confronting all the tasks that come with building a new house—and enjoying a brownie every once in a while. “I constantly strive to eliminate the things that pull me away from faith, my family and friends, and my TSP family,” Paula says.


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