Rex Hambrock


Associate | Senior Architect

Sioux Falls, SD


P: 605-336-1160

Something about me not many people know: Is that I can be a little bit of a geek with comics and science fiction. However, I am not a fanatic about it.

The best part about my job at TSP is: The opportunity to see behind the curtain and learn about the processes involved in other industries.

My first job was: During the summer as a junior coach in a youth baseball league that served kids from ages 7-15. The league motto was “where everyone makes the team”, which is good because I was not a star athlete. I was invited to apply for the position after I became too old to play. The site director who hired me was also my middle school physical education teacher. He later told me that I was not hired for my athleticism, but because he knew me to be a good kid and a role model.