Greg Schoer

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Sioux Falls, SD

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Design and creativity are important, says Greg Schoer. And he should know—he’s an architect. Greg believes design-collaboration with clients produces great design. Not only does designing together provide functional spaces and aesthetically pleasing buildings but holistically uplifts each person’s individual spirit. “Combined, these positive, collaboratively conscious experiences motivate us all to create a much better place to live together,” he says. Greg lives by his poetic statement “Sit back and listen. Stand and observe. Speak none. Sketch and dream of tomorrow’s Eden.” Kyu Sakamoto’s song “Ue o Muite Arukou” inspires him. He describes it as a “solemnly uplifting tune that sparks my imagination and reminds me that there’s nothing better than a stroll along a path of water watching nature as time, place, and space change and rotate around you.” Greg would take “Architectural Graphic Standards” by Wiley, the “Best Word Book Ever” by Richard Scarry, and a never-ending sketchbook to a desert island.



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