Jake Buckmiller

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Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineer

Sioux Falls, SD

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A graduate of South Dakota State University, Jake Buckmiller took the knowledge he gained in electrical engineering there and as a member of Team TSP and applied it back on campus in the design of the American Indian Student Center. That fit into his desire for his work to have a positive impact in a community. He has claimed Star Trek’s Captain James T. Kirk philosophy as his own: “I don’t believe in the no-win scenario.” Jake participates in Bible study at his church and the multiple community outreach activities organized by the Sioux Falls office. Don’t worry about supplying him with any books for his sojourn on a desert island—Jake will spend his time looking for a way to be rescued. His favorite tune is the opening theme from the U.S. version of a popular situation comedy “because that means I’m watching ‘The Office,’ which is always a good thing.”


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