Roger Nikolas

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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineer

Sioux Falls, SD

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It’s hard for Roger Nikolas to think of a project he hasn’t enjoyed designing, but healthcare projects hold a special place. He grew up in Aberdeen, and once he worked on a large addition to Avera St. Luke’s Hospital there. “I remember thinking at the time that my parents would someday use the facility I was designing, and that has turned out to be the case,” he says. “I feel that design professionals should think of themselves as caregivers as we are designing healthcare facilities.” A mechanical engineer, Roger especially enjoys being able to solve problems for TSP’s clients. Technologies change constantly, and it’s been fascinating to watch and keep up with the advances in building technologies that have taken place in his career. The song “Purple Rain” by Prince takes him back to simpler times in life. The four things he cares about the most are his family, his church, the outdoors, and doing things right the first time.”


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