Jason Larkin

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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Designer

Sioux Falls, SD

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The past benefits him in the present and will long into the future, Jason Larkin says. In this case, the past is his work on the SDSU Foundation Alumni Center, completed with the guidance of retired mechanical engineer Kermit Olson. “The wealth of knowledge I learned from Kermit on this continues to show in the projects I’m designing now,” Jason says. Jason cares about our clients and his family. To give back to others, he hopes to become more active in the community. If you want something, go for it, he believes. “Only you can change what you want in life.” For inspiration, Jason turns to Garth Brooks’ “The River.” It tells him to never give up but continue to sail through life. No matter what challenges confront you, you will overcome them with God by your side.


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